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Smart Radios for Smart Workforce Management

Kenwood's Nexedge Digital Trunked Radio technology is a state of the art radio communications platform that provides for an extensive feature set, seamless & transparent wide area roaming, excellent audio quality and extended range. Nexedge radios require only a minimum amount of bandwidth & therefore can operate on very narrow radio channels that cannot be accessed by competing systems.


Unlike older analog radio systems, Nexedge provides for consistent audio quality even in poor coverage areas. Smart radios automatically roam onto the best tower and dispatch communications are forwarded automatically to wherever your vehicles are located.


Available Features:
  • ​​Group wide (one to many) with optional individual private calling.

  • GPS on PTT updates vehicle location with every voice transmission.

  • Status messaging & sensor inputs for automatic event reporting.

  • Emergency signaling & Lone Worker mode increase driver safety.

  • Multiple security features keep your business conversations private.

  • Ergonomic design & loud receive audio minimize driver distraction.

  • Multiple talk groups to separate business activities, job sites, worker groups & supervisors.

  • Inexpensive software integrates mapping, voice dispatch & status messaging.

  • Emergency talk group preemption & remote listening capabilities.

  • Local service & support committed to keeping your workers communicating.

  • Standard 3 year premium Kenwood equipment warranty.

Compact Mobile Units

​​Ergonomically designed to maximize driver safety.

Rugged Portables

Public Safety grade, Mil-Spec radios for use in the most demanding environments.

Economical Dispatch Software
GPS Tracking, Messaging & Advanced Dispatch Functions

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